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Society for cultural optimism
social and technical speculation laboratory, QUT Brisbane, Australia

The Society for Cultural Optimism

We develope social games that engage participants in overwhelming optimism.

At least we ran a social and technical speculation laboratory out of Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.


Friedrich Kirschner, Lena Fay, Christiane Hütter


Stefano Trambusti, Katharina Halus, Stellan Fuhrberg,

Daniil Shchapov

During QUTs annual Robotronica festival , we had the opportunity to establish a first expeditionary base camp. Using our newly constructed Weltmaschine - a device that helps us simulate possible future realities, we encouraged visitors to share their thoughts on technological development and possible future scenarios. From the data gathered, and using the Weltmaschine in its first incarnation, we generated a poem of the future.

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